#0- Misc._Shooting Gallery_1984_VIC-20_Game.

#1 -  "TOPSECRET" for DOS
#2 -  "TOPSECRET" for Linux

#3 -  "TOPSECRET_NET" for Linux
#4 - "TOPSECRET_FTP" for Linux
Note: this program is in Beta version, I have been preoccupied lately, it may be several years before I decide to wrap up this program. Thanks.

TOPSECRET_FTP  (c) 2000-1 by Siva R. Krishna
Shareware registration is $10 for each client program.
This program is freely distributable and fully functional with no time limits.

Down load the latest version  topsftp.zip release -12jun2001

What is Topsecret_Ftp?
 Topsecret_Ftp is a linux program that lets you transfer files across a network.
It offers security by encrypting files with YOUR OWN KEYS during the transfer.
This program is a windows type interface or Graphics User Interface (gui)
for the "Topsecret_Net" shell programs.
Please scan  topsnet.htm or  topsnet.html   to see how this program interacts with the shell programs.

  Description                                 gui                                                   shell
  ------------                                ----                                                 -----
  server                                         topftp_s.tk                                      topsnet
  client                                          topsftp_c.tk                                     topsget and topssend

This program has been tested on a network with Mandrake 7.0 linux distribution which
includes the required GNU programs KDE, Netscape , Tk, Lynx, and Wget.
To check for Tk  type "wish" at a bash console inside KDE ,
if you open a gui window you have Tk.

Caution: Making upload directory accessible through download directory increases security risks.
Keeping the same root directory for server and client is not recommended either.

Extract all archived files to LOWER CASE.
Open a bash console, cd to root directory of where you want the server. Copy all files to root server directory. Enter "chmod +x ./setup_s.sh" to get permission to execute. Enter "./setup_s.sh" to setup server. Enter "./topsftp_s.tk" to start server. Hit start server button.

Open a another bash console, cd to root directory of where you want the client. Copy all files to root client directory. Enter "chmod +x ./setup_c.sh" to get permission to execute.
Enter "./setup_c.sh" to setup server. Enter "./topsftp_c.tk" to start client.

If everything goes o.k., welcome to the world of Topsecret_Ftp!

To help you familiarize with program operation you can run both server and client on a single computer ; default values for ip="localhost", user="gui", password = "none", and a "sample.key" have been provided for this purpose.

To get a sub directory listing, select sub directory and hit receive button.

-If server does not start enter "ps -a" to see if topsnet is currently running. If there is one running that process must be killed by using e.g.. "kill xxx" before running server. Also it may take a few minutes for the re-binding process to be ready to accept a server.

-Remember, each user key is modified with each use. If you go to a new location, you have to have the modified key for the next file transfer, Or you have another key set up at the new location with a matching key on the server. If you end up with a checksum fail or file transfer trouble because you used a wrong key, use the correct key two times while waiting about a minute for the timers to reset each time.