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Bill Moyers: Free Speech For Sale  
Under the Constitution, every American has the right of free speech, but does free speech matter if no one can hear you? Is free speech, and the certainty of being heard, guaranteed only to those who can afford it? Through purchasing massive amounts of advertising for political purposes or by owning the companies that report the news, are powerful corporations able to drown out the voices that disagree with them? Bill Moyers examines the important questions affecting American democracy by looking at industries with deep pockets that used their access to the media -- or in some cases, their control of it -- to attempt to influence public opinion. 
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Bill Moyers: Free Speech For Sale
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06/08/1999 -- 9:00pm
06/08/1999 -- 9:00pm, 2:00am, 4:00am
06/12/1999 -- 4:00am
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  • Many companies influence what is published in college books and how much they cost, thereby  reducing innovation through the generations.
  • If more publishers/ professors  put books on CDs , and as lap tops come down in prices, all a student on campus would need is a laptop and CDs for their books. One laptop would replace the back pack full of books during a lecture and even help record the lecture. The CD book could cost less than $10. Most college books now cost more than $50. You could also have your own hi lighter and notes software for your (book) without ever marking your CD.
  • Right now student loan defaults are guaranteed to be paid by the government. There is no accountability to the practical use of the what is taught as education. Bankruptcy laws do not apply to student loans (Gee I wonder why?). Also there is a big push by the useless credit companies to weaken bankruptcy laws. I thought a business loan is supposed to have risk and not a free ride? They want people to be slaves to the banks all of their life, but no accountability to the quality of life, (legalized slavery).
  •  On the topic of credit credit cards, Master Card and Visa have a Monopoly racquet of their own going. They are both very similar, and look at the difference between the interest rate you get on savings as opposed to the interest charged on a loan, now multiply that by the total credit owed in the country, you will see they are making out like bandits. I would like to see a member owned credit card, just like how the credit unions piss off banks.
  • As more reputable companies offer distance learning programs. The cost of higher education will come down.
  • Ever notice how all the national media all report the very same stories? Who is directing them? What is their agenda? Who is advertising?