It is not difficult to install a small trojan program on your hard drive/ operating system. It would record all your keystrokes. When you are online it would transmit this data along with any other requested file to law enforcement or other useless organizations, without your knowledge.

 When Bill clinton and Bill Gates played golf , it is rumoured that; Bill gates was promised a
world monopoly, as long as the government could secretly keep trojans and have access to
security keys inside the operating system. The source code would be kept a secret under
the guise of trade secret.

 Therefore you should support open source operating systems like Linux. All lines should be
documented. When the source is compiled  by the original compiler (whose source code has also been checked) the executable file should be an exact match of  the vendor's copy. If you
compile with a different compiler then the data output should match every time. The source
code for tops9720.exe has been released;   tops9720.exe source code
The source code does not look pretty because it was not intended to be released to the general public during it's creation. The source code is feely distributable for non profit use.

 I don't like the P.G.P encryption garbage for two reasons.
  1- I don't like public key systems , or their limited key bits.
  2- The so called  C source code, has problems compiling on ANSI- C certified compilers.

 After building and personnel have been checked for surveillance equipment, it is recommended that
you do your sensitive work on system with floppy only drive (no hard drive or modem), using say
DOS 5.0  to boot.

 "The business of security is, the business of paranoia ."                       NEWS