Lap dancing News

 Joe Redner ( owner of Mons Venus club in Tampa) has announced he will be running for county commissioner in 07 NOV 00 elections.
For more information contact:  Joe Redener Enterprises Inc.

15 JUL 00 (T.V. Bay News 9)

                          Tampa Police have arrested 70-people in the Tampa-area
                          for violating the law on lap-dancing.

                     Five strip clubs were targeted in what police are calling an
                     undercover operation. Last December, the Tampa City Council
                     enacted the ban on lap dancing and it's been a contentious issue since
                     then. Those arrested also included a 16 and 17-year old girl who
                     were in possession of cocaine and marijuana.

                     The clubs raided were Mons Venus, 2001, Pink Pony, Déjà vu and
                     the Seven Seas. All of the clubs have a pending lawsuit against the
                     city challenging the validity of the ban on lap dancing. The raids
                     began at 10:00 p.m. Friday night and ended just before midnight.
15 JUL 00
City stages lap-dance raids at 5 adult clubs
                CHERIE JACOBS LANE
                of The Tampa Tribune

                TAMPA - Seven months after
                the city council ordered nude
                dancers to stay six feet away
                from customers, Tampa police
                started enforcing the lap-dance
                law late Friday night with
                simultaneous raids on five
                erotic clubs.

                One of their targets was Mons
                Venus, a club at 2040 N. Dale
                Mabry Highway, whose owner
                has been aggressively
                challenging the city's ban on
                close-encounter nude dancing.

                ``It wasn't like a SWAT team
                where they jumped all over them. They just started hoarding the girls in the back; the
                girls were putting their clothes on,'' said Michael Walker, 22, who is visiting from
                Lafayette, La.

                ``You had two choices: You had cuffs on, or you left,'' said Frank Sino, 22, of St.
                Petersburg - who chose to leave.

                Police hit five Tampa clubs shortly before midnight: Mons Venus, 2001 Odyssey at
                2309 N. Dale Mabry Highway; Deja Vu at 6805 E. Adamo Drive; Pink Pony at 4009

               E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.; and the Seven Seas, 3023 W. Kennedy Blvd.

                These are the same clubs the city sued in December in an effort to enforce the
                lap-dance ordinance. Those lawsuits are still pending.

                ``We just decided to go ahead and start enforcing it,'' said City Attorney Jim Palermo.
                He said the raids were planned for weeks.

                Mons Venus owner Joe Redner, however, asserted that the raid was a personal
                attack. He said he was at a political event on Sunday with Mayor Dick Greco, and he
                refused to shake the mayor's hand. ``I think the mayor is a punk,'' Redner said. ``I
                think he did this because I wouldn't shake his hand.''

                As police walked in and out of his club early this morning, Redner vowed to continue
                business as usual: ``Hell no, I'm not going to comply.''

                The city council enacted a law in December 1999 requiring nude dancers to stay at
                least six feet from customers. The law, in effect, outlaws nude lap dances offered at
                many Tampa erotic establishments.

                Dancers, customers and owners can be arrested and jailed for up to six months and
                fined up to $1,000 if convicted. It was not revealed who was arrested or how many.

                Also in December, the city sued the five strip clubs to try to force compliance with the

                But then the city took no action to enforce the law. Club owners taunted police with
                signs on their marquees: STILL LAP DANCING, GET YOUR LAP DANCE HERE,      and  STILL NUDE LAP DANCING IN TAMPA.

                Club owners contended that the city had lost interest in enforcing the law. But city
                officials responded that they were taking a measured approach while the lawsuits
                proceeded through the courts. They also said they wanted to make sure customers
                had the opportunity to become aware of the new law and its consequences.

                But in March, city officials were emboldened by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in an
                Erie, Pa., case.

                The court reinstated a local ordinance there that had sweeping restrictions on public
                nudity. The court ruled that the ban did not violate the free expression rights of erotic
                dancers, but instead was targeted at the ``secondary effects'' of nude dancing - that
                is, crime.
                          (Bay news 9)
                          NEW STRIP CLUB RAIDS NET

                     Saturday, July 29, 2000

                          Friday night saw the continuation of the battle of wills
                          between strip club owners and the Tampa Police

                     Police raided raided the clubs Mons Venus, 2001 Odyssey and
                     Deja-Vu last night as they reinforced Tampa's "no-contact"
                     ordinance. Of the three clubs inspected last night, only Deja-Vu was
                     in compliance with the law. 13-people were arrested from Mons
                     Venus and investigators say several DANCErs from the club were
                     repeat offenders. Two people were arrested from 2001 Odyssey.

               In what may signal the beginning of an expanded crackdown
               in other areas of entertainment, police also arrested 5-people
               involved in a wet t-shirt contest held at Ybor City's, Club
                  Hedo, 1510 E. 7th Ave. A police spokesman says Tampa City
               Code prohibits the exposure of certain body parts in establishments
               where alcohol is served.

                     More than 100-people have been arrested since Tampa police
                     began enforcing the LAP DANCE ordinance.

 Tampa city council has received complaints of significant increase of prostitution. The Judicial system is so overloaded that they are being forced to choose between prosecuting violent crimes and non violent crimes. The entire council was furious to hear this news. Buckhorn called prostitutes  "termites". I guess somewhere in the Bible, it tells you to treat prostitutes as "termites". They have promised to spent SIGNIFICANTLY more money and raise taxes to enforce all the new laws.

 Buckhorn said he wanted to follow the example of mayor Adolf, I mean Rudolf Giuliani.

 You know Barry, and Greco, and Panzer, and Vixen,
 Cumit, and Cupid and Boner and Bitchin, but do you recall
 the most infamous mayor of all?

 Rudolf, the brown nosed mayor
 had a very long nose.
 And if you ever saw him,
 you would even say he blows.

 All of the other mayors,
 used to laugh and call him great
 They never let mean Rudolf
 pay for any racketeering games.

 Then one smoggy N.Y. eve
 Mistress came to say:
 "Rudolf with your nose so long,
 won't you guide my pussy tonight?"

 Then all the mayors  hated him
 as they shouted out with greed:
 "Rudolf the long nosed mayor,
 you'll go down in history!"

Rudolf Giuliani had to quit his 2000 campaign because of his sex affair with his mistress. That was the type of man who was trying to get rid of strip clubs in N.Y. He is the idol for Buckhorn.
As usual, repressed people, are turing to real crimes to direct their anger.
Here are some pictures of tourists in N.Y. being sexually assaulted, where corrupt police are unable to assist.

A women trained in self defense finds out she is helpless in a pack of sex crazed wolfs.
Rudolf Giuliani had promised his corrupt police would take care of everything if all the strip clubs are closed and the people give up all their weapons.

French tourists on honeymoon in N.Y.
Husband tries to walk crying wife away from mob, after ALL of her clothes were torn off her by the mob.


07sep 2000

66. File No. E2000-8 CH 14
An ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida, amending City of Tampa Code, Chapter 14, Offenses,
Article II, Miscellaneous Offenses, by restating and amending Division 9, Adult Entertainers Distance
Separation Requirement; providing legislative findings, intent and purpose; definitions; imposing a six
(6) feet distance separation between adult entertainers and patrons; providing for exceptions;
providing for penalties; adding a requirement for signage notice of prohibited acts; providing for
severability; providing an effective date.
 After informing Joe Redner that public hearings will start at 10 am. city council quickly moved its agenda to 9 am., so that people would not be given the opportunity to voice their opinion.
Mr. redener correctly called them  "ass holes", and promised to show up two hours ahead for the second hearing.

They don't post signs at city council that it is illegal to take kick backs from land developers.
They don't post signs at churches that priests and altar boys should not engage in oral sex.
(one person has admitted to me that a priest tried to do this to him.)
Why should adult entertainment clubs have to post of illegal acts?
If  they graphically display the acts for people that can't read , would that be pornography?
21 JUL 00

 Sometimes there is an advantage to being out of uniform,
you can AFFORD to tell the TRUTH.

 When public Servants sit in elevated chairs, the higher altitude causes the air to get thin,
 this  clouds their thinking.

 Sometimes the TRUTH hurts,
but that is no reason,  to bend rules to avoid hearing someone.
 In fact, public servants should be bending rules to listen to different views.

 I know the council has made up their minds even before they were born.
So my speech, is for the public.

Oppression comes in many forms.
In China it is communism.
During world war II it was the Nazis with their Swastika in Germany.

 In this country,  it a cross of a different shape.
 A betrayal to their own religion, just like Judas.

Of course Jesus would say "forgive them father, they know not what they do."

This oppression and intolerance,
has nearly wiped out the native american culture  in north america,

and nearly wiped out the cultures of the Aztec and Maya in South America.

The real plague is, Judaea Christian Intolerance.
It attempts to convert all host cultures to one form of thought.
That type of intellectual incest is doomed to failure, just like the Nazi purification.

Over 50 % of your two million prisoners are jailed for non-violent consenting adult reasons.
Each costs over $25,000 per year.
Then you take away the right to vote for ALL felons.
Safe enough to walk the streets but not safe enough to vote.
What are you afraid of?

Time and TRUTH are on our side.
50 years from now OUR ideas will be alive and thriving.
50 years from now YOUR  ideas will be six feet under.

Thank you.


22 FEB 01

 Rose Ferlita of Tampa city council wanted to get rid of a warning for female breast exposure,
and fine on the first offense.
I guess this ugly flat chested bitch feels threatened by beautiful women.

03 JUN 2004

  Republican Hillsborough County Commissioner Ronda Storms,  with 500 churchgoers  armed with more than 10,000 signatures and a video presentation ,  were fighting Wednesday to get a referendum on the November ballot that would ban public nudity, including strip clubs.

Storms' plea was preceded by appeals to the commission by Tom Biles of the Tampa Bay Baptist Association and David Gibbs of the Christian Law Association. Both men are also leaders in Citizens for Decency, a grass-roots group of church members spearheading the effort.


  -Unfortunately Buckhorn is running for county commissioner.

  -Joe Redner is also running, but in a different district.
  Chances may be slim for Joe because it seems that only a quarter of the VOTING public
   openly supported adult entertainment.