Lap dancing news.

Note: This page includes political parody.

 In DEC '99 the ass holes at Tampa City council Voted 7- 0 to ban lap dancing.
They care only about what the church groups, (like without the walls/ brains church inc.) had to say.
They don't care about the constitutional rights of others. (I must point out there were a few, REAL Christians, along with many others that were against the ordinance)

They charged that lap dancing is a health hazard and that it also leads to prostitution.
But we know that lap dancing is less hazardous than full contact sports, cigarettes, alcohol; and most clubs don't practice prostitution. Even if they did, why should prostitution be illegal? It is pretty much legal for adults to have sex, so why is it illegal to pay for it? Where is the legal logic in that? Should dating and marrying a man with wealth also be considered prostitution then?, if so, then you would find a lot of whores in church.

 Locations where prostitution and drugs are legally regulated have a lower health risk, and less corruption in government due to reduced bribes.

 If it is legal for men to be topless in public, why can't women? What happened to those FEDERAL laws against discrimination?

 Here is the leader of the Ass Holes... Bob Buckhorn, the one who introduced the ordinance. He has also mentioned he wanted to run for Mayor in the future.


If someone does not like sex with adults then we can deduce they like sex with minors ?? 

They are quite miserable , you can see it in their faces, and if anyone else is having fun, they feel it must be a sin. Both conservative "Bush" governors were orgasming of the fact that it is now easier to kill more felons at a faster rate (capitol punishment) with the new rulings. They claim to follow the New Testament (Jesus) , which clearly condemns revenge. They claim all life is sacred; and you will see these hypocrites "march for life" in great numbers, but most of these hypocrites are nowhere to be found when their states are regularly executing their adult prisoners. I guess the right to life only applies to people that own a Bible? George Bush Jr. won't admit he did drugs, but he will send young people to jail for what he used to do when he was young. Should Christians be rounded up and sent off to the reservations? Or maybe we should seize the properties people who possess the contraband, named the Bible. Look how much harm this "virus" has does to native/ ancient cultures all over the world. Billy Graham recently used a rock concert to lure young people to his speech, (evidently pure preaching is getting too boring for people.), hell, maybe he will use lap dancers next time, I might even show up.

Bible thumpers claim they care about children, but will stop distribution of condoms throughout the world. That effectively increases the rate of abortion and introduces more children into more unprepared homes with unprepared parents, which increases the suffering of children.      

Bible thumpers always try to sneak in controversial policies or elect people on non- general election days because a large turn out usually make them lose.

Bob Jones University in South Carolina forbids interracial dating. These "Christians" feel the white race is superior. The school had defended the policy based on a biblical  interpretation that "God created people differently for a reason". (Note: After the public became aware of the policy, this policy was changed due to public pressure in March 2000. But it shows what kind of cultural genocide they will try, if they can get away with it.) Most of these stupid morons don't even believe in the Facts of Evolution/ DNA .

They will try to ban or censor any Science or Culture that will challenge/ threaten their Lies.

 Dr. James Kennedy tries to convince everyone that he is the Biggest born again dick, he preaches from one of the largest podiums people have ever seen. If everyone wears nice clothes, and looks nice in a BIG church, they must be telling the truth right? Bull shit!

 Buckhorn was also instrumental in shutting down the Rave clubs, and closing all dance clubs before morning , even for ADULTS. (I guess Father Buckhorn knows best). Buckhorn is in favor of gun buy backs and suing gun makers for gun related crimes. ( I wonder if I can sue Jesus for the misuse of Christianity by Buckhorn?)  These so called Christians talk about the anti Christ coming, the fact is the anti Christ is already here in the form of Bible Thumpers.


Linda Saul Sena cares only about how things look, she does not care about the rights of the people that enjoy adult entertainment, maybe she wishes she was capable of enticing men, like a lap dancer.

 Mary Alvarez was proud to claim that she had shut down a voyeur dorm internet sight, because the building was not zoned for adult use. How does what residents do INSIDE their dorm on the internet, negatively affect the neighborhood?  But I guess this dorm somehow interfered with her virgin foreplay.

 Gwen Miller was in favor of shutting down a Ramada Inn, because they requested an adult use section. She said she was concerned about naked women being seen. She probably thinks that naked women look like what she sees in the mirror every day, and thinks to herself, no one should be subjected to that kind of terror. " It's the big one Elizabeth, I am coming."

 Shawn Harrison claims to be a lawyer, but due process and individual rights have no meaning for him. Like Linda, he feels perception is more important than truth or substance.

Tampa City Council

   Charlie Miranda
   Rose V. Ferlita
   Bob Buckhorn
   Linda Saul-Sena
   Gwen Miller
   Shawn Harrison
   Mary C. Alvarez

 The council recently gave numerous liquor licenses to Stiner and associates for their 40 million dollar entertainment buildings in Ybor city. The whole council was nearly falling over on each other, on who can suck Stiner's dick first. They want this "Family" type of entertainment. They have banned street vendors, and installed over 30 security cameras to "watch" and discourage the young crowds. I'll bet they get off on watching the Police repeatedly MOUNTING  their horses. Charlie Miranda LOVES racing horses; gambling is probably the only industry where, the consumer is guaranteed to lose their money over time. Don't worry Charlie, we won't tell YOUR horse, that you and your police are mounting other horses.

 "Dick" the mayor, feels its ok to spend public money on a chapel in the airport, (born again Dick?). Is it ok to get a lap dance over there?

 Perhaps we should piss on their family entertainment in a way that legally can not be stopped. How about everyone taking their shirts off in protest during the first 10 minutes of the third quarter of every local football game. Let them try to ban national coverage of that,.. or during the Super Bowl even.
27 may 00

Instead of getting public signatures the Mayor and City council has
decided to add a voting option to get rid of term limits,
so that fat contractors don't have to bribe new officials.
We should try to publicize this, before the November elections.

 Although I dislike all of the current administration, for their stance on
the no-contact ordinance, Bob Buckhorn and Shawn Harrison voted against
this sneaky plan. Some people speculate that Buckhorn's  real motivation is to run for Mayor without having a strong challenger.


 When Shawn Harrison entertained the idea of dividing the city into several areas that could
each be serviced by private bid contracts for solid waste disposal, Charlie Miranda started over reacting. Is Charlie getting kick backs from his old gambling (I mean gaming) friends?

Why is it okay for the government to back lotto and casinos, but it is illegal for people to play poker or gamble on the internet?

Why is it okay for pharmaceutical companies to play dope man to Americans, but it is illegal to buy quality medicine at a low price on the internet?


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