Most war Veterans agree U.S. citizen's should be allowed to own assault weapons. They have seen first hand, what the price of freedom is. With guns you will have some day to day violence, but you reduce the chance/ level of a corrupt country. Police and governments in oppressive countries have not much to fear in terms of retaliation for injustice; that makes them the REAL COWARDS.
Hitler/ China and many other oppressive governments came to power after confiscating/ banning guns and and censoring freedom of expression. Britain was screaming for the help of Gun toting Yankees when the Nazis were fucking the Brits up their royal ass. How soon they forget and fall prey to COMMUNIST liberal ideas of gun bans. Most of these draft dodging, cowardly  Liberals in Washington have never been to war. I would like to pay a one way fare for those Bastards and Bitches, to the country of their choice where assault weapons can not be owned by regular citizens. It is no accident that most countries have a LONG waiting lines to come to the U.S.A. and not the other way around.

 When our veterans were advancing deep in enemy territory, they knew the odds of ever seeing home or loved ones again were slim to none. But they advanced (even though they were wounded, starving, sleep depravation, and many other negative factors) because they believed THEY had to interfere in a timely manner with brutal/ evil governments, or at least they would die trying (they made up their minds). Most of these heroes will never be known to the world because they are often alone when they make these honorable decisions. You can honor their sacrifice by giving the same commitment to your daily tasks. Ironically it is an Idea from the Orient, that your DUTY is more important than your life or religion.