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Residential Appliances
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Residential Appliances
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Residential Appliances
Products in Development


Development of Countertop Microwave Cloths Dryer
Development of Countertop Microwave Clothes Dryer Market research has shown that the 70 million consumers that own dryers would probably not buy a conventional-size microwave clothes dryer to replace their existing model. However, many would be very willing to buy a countertop dryer-sized and priced much like a microwave oven-as a handy backup dryer for quick drying or for clothes that normally need dry cleaning. This optional package supports the development of the countertop microwave clothes dryer. Companies that participate will be positioned to market this appliance to their customers.1999

Residential Appliance Information and Support Services
Residential Appliance Information and Support Services This product gathers, analyzes, and delivers information on residential appliances that help you understand how this equipment-and related services-can be packaged to better meet customer needs. Through the RTC and the LIO, you can tap into EPRI's extensive resources to obtain information materials and get the names of experts who can help you with specific problems. As needs arise, the centers can also put together fee-based customized services or training programs that would help your company build its capabilities and address specific concerns. An annual meeting of the target interest group keeps you informed of new market developments, gives you a chance to meet manufacturers and other industry partners, and shapes the target's activities to respond to changing market needs. 1999

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