Disclaimer: All information is provided on AS IS, at your own risk, basis.

----------------- CHECKING YOUR CAR ONCE A WEEK----------------------

Safety hints:
Speed kills. Drive slowly and carefully. Every 15 minutes, someone in the U.S. dies in a car accident. (30,000 per year.)
Every year, more people die in cars, than they did in Vietnam or Korean wars. Who is the REAL enemy?
-Drive below 60 M.P.H. on Interstate high way.
-Drive below 45 M.P.H. on all two lane roads, and other roads.
You are TWICE as likely to die on a TWO LANE ROAD (ONE LANE EACH DIRECTION), due to high energy of head on collisions. (45+45=90 M.P.H.)



The more tire tread you have, the better your safety. Tire pressure should be RECOMMENDED tire pressure plus five p.s.i..
RECOMMENDED tire pressure is printed in owner manual, or on driver door post.
(If RECOMMENDED tire pressure = 35 p.s.i., then put 40 p.s.i. ; If you happen to ignore a tire for a couple of months like most people, it will probably drop to five below RECOMMENDED.)

Also check the spare tire pressure.
Any tire over four years old will have degraded rubber, and can lead to sudden failure.
The "doughnut" spare tires require much higher pressure. The "doughnut" tires are for short distance and low speed only !
These stupid and DANGEROUS "doughnut" tires should be replaced with a regular spare wheel and tire in the trunk.

Honk horn.

Check wipers and spray. Replace wiper blades if window shows streak.

Have someone sit in drivers seat to operate lights.
-Check headlights, low and high beams.
-Check turn signals.
-Check parking lights.
-License plate lights.
-Brake lights. (left/ pair, center eye level, right/ pair.; Have assistant step on brake pedal)
-Reverse lights. (Have assistant step on brake pedal and put gear in reverse, then back to park.)

There are usually six fluids to check.
1- Brake fluid level.
2 - Coolant level.
**WARNING** NEVER open coolant system when hot **
3 -Transmission fluid level.
***WARNING**  Your car may require the engine running.
Have assistant step on brake pedal.
4 - Wiper fluid level.
5 - Engine oil level.
(Mobil FULL SYNTHETIC 15W-50 for above freezing temperatures.)
Since this oil is expensive, make sure to watch it being put in the car.
Also watch the oil filter being changed.
This oil really helps engines be cool at stoplights when air conditioning is on.
Also this oil can go 6,000 miles without changing.

[ mobil 1 15w-50 walmart , Mobil says it will stock the 5 quart jugs again at Walmart in March 2012 . Keep on requesting the product at both of those sites.]

6 - Power steering fluid level.

*** If you get any warning lights while driving, stop car and call for repair. ***

change every 15,000 miles

Every few weeks clean the inside of your windshield with glass cleaner.
(black and white news papers work pretty good with glass cleaners )
Being clear and streak free is especially important for night driving and to avoid glare.
If a windshield has too many scratches for night driving, it should be replaced.


Cost is approximately $1,500 . Parts should be less than $1,000 at Autozone.
Labor should be around $500 at a good mechanic, since many of the parts
are in the same area as the other parts. Make sure the old parts are turned
in to you, for verification.

-All four struts.
-C.V. Axles, differential seals, differential gear oil.
-Front brake calipers, pads, rotors, anti squeal compound, bearings.
-Rear brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, bearings/hubs. Adjust hand/ foot  brake.
-Brake fluid flush and bleed.
-Engine timing belt, water pump, new V belts, new serpentine.
-Radiator hoses, radiator flush, and fill with Prestone brand.

-Transmission fluid and filter.
-Cabin air filter (for ac/ heat if equipped.)
-Spark plugs.