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"If my friends can not accept that there is no good  reason for me to smoke , drink alcohol ,
or consume meat , then they are really not my friends."

1- "Losing ONE  life to GUNS is better than losing a THOUSAND lives to INJUSTICE,
( -People must be allowed to own any weapon that is General Issue (G.I.) for a soldier,
 in order to maintain a balance of power between the people and the government.
2- This principle also holds true for the jury system, where a group of Regular people have
the final word over the police, prosecutor and judge.

These two Sacred principles are the main reason why the Integrity of the United States
is stronger than any other country. )         More on guns.

"It is much easier to die or run, rather than fighting for a worthy principle where your life,
limbs, and loved ones may be put in mortal danger every second, every year, every life."

"Do what you believe is the right thing to do, then let the chips fall where they may."

"It is better to die with honor, instead of living with dishonor and greed."

Sovereign rights end when a country commits crimes against life.
Genocide is the most evil act capable by man,  and it should always be stopped at whatever the cost.

It is your duty to vote (no matter what the odds), and serve on jury.


Encryption program:

Cardiac bypass surgery:

Also Wockhardt Hospital & Heart Institute in Bangolore



    Although Carter was not the most popular president, a lot of his policies are very sound.Air friction increases exponentially and not linearly, so a max. speed of 55 m.p.h. does save a lot of energy and lives. On two lane roads (one lane each direction), the max. speed should be 45  minimize the enormous energy of  a  head on collision. (National statistic: You are FIVE times more likely to die in a car accident in a RED state.) Now we know that when the speed limit is 55 m.p.h., most people will go 60 m.p.h., and that is acceptable to me. But when the speed limit is 70 m.p.h. many people are going 75 m.p.h. and reaction times to accidents is greatly reduced, stopping time is increased, impact energy and human damage is greatly increased; remember the laws of physics are the same. Trucks with their enormous kinetic energy have no business going over 55 M.P.H. anyway; (they should go significantly slower than the speed limit).  Statistically you more than double the chance of fatality on a two lane road. All local roads should have less than 45 M.P.H. and people should get involved in setting their local speed limits. People that like to sing "I can't drive, fifty five"', should be shot. After all, high speed puts your children at risk. But of course, lower speed limits may not go into effect until congress loses a  few of their children to greed. People that use their horn to insult people or pressure people into dangerous actions should be held accountable. Whenever there is more than one lane to cross for a turn, there must be a green arrow to turn. This would prevent people from feeling pressured to take a dangerous turn. If you feel local or national officials through their action/ inaction contributed to the loss of a loved one, there are many ways you can make these officials pay

  And what the hell is the problem with trucks in rain? They need to stop splashing cars on the side lanes like a car wash. This is dangerously blinding for cars drivers, lasting several seconds. They need to put covers over their tires to keep splash underneath the trucks.

  EVERY YEAR the number of Americans killed in traffic accidents is similar to the number of Americans killed in the entire Vietnam or Korean war. It makes you wonder who the  real enemies to the country are. We have a lot of high tech  available to us,it would be easy  to control;  maximum sustained speed of cars,  collision avoidance, collision survivability, automobiles latching on to a highway rail for traction and automatic navigation. All poles within collision distance should be encircled with a PVC ring around the pole and sand fill inside. So the REAL crime in this country is not guns, the REAL crime is the lack of implementation of high tech automobile safety, and high speed limits.  

 Over population is also a  type of selfishness and greed. Families should have two or less children so the earth can maintain its resources. However many poor countries overpopulate due to ignorance, high birth control cost and possible high mortality reasons. Big oil companies want the world population to grow so that more energy could be sold, they do not care about children suffering. Oil company directors both current and past, are the biggest evil on the planet.

Jump to: STIRLING ENGINE  (future Hybrid auto and solar uses) or  Local  F.A.Q.

Efficiency:  Gasoline engine = 25% , Diesel engine = 40%, Fuel cell = over 60% !!
The REAL patriots in the country, are those people that support Plug in Hybrid Vehicles and Fuel Cell Vehicles/ technology, they deserve our salute.
The mission of practical fuel cell cars is even more important than the moon landing goal set by Pesident Kennedy.
The Detroit Project - by Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars
Jump to:  Fuel cell in the news.  Maybe we will even see some  I.S.O. Chassis, one for full size and one for compact.These chassis would stay the same or be interchangeable for many years,
therefore we would not have to buy new cars or parts every few years.
"Linux" car?

Solar(photovotiac) cells:

Solar cells are heading below $1 per watt. There should be a federal law for all new homes to have a 5 kilo watt grid tie system.

Victory gardens:

Whatever happened to Victory gardens? Sunlight shining on your own garden can still save Oil energy, which is used to fertilize non - organic farms. Use natural manure or compost to fertilize your garden. Also you never know when you may have to rely on your own trusted food.

Geodesic dome home:


Voting: Childcare:

 I think that child care should be provided free of cost to those that can't afford it. Also
if  parents are  under too much stress, they should be able to temporarily give a child
to a care giving home at no cost, until they are ready to cope with the child again.
There are many children that need help in the world.
We don't need any more children to be thrown in a trash bin.
On a separate issue , I think both parents should have EQUAL custody or split the kids between parents, and EQUAL child support LIABILITY. This would curb the practice of minority women getting pregnant and automatically use one sided laws to make the father pay $ with little or no custody commitment; as you can see, the current system only makes CHILDREN the victims. When someone gets pregnant, TWO people are responsible. Ideally BOTH parents, ( IF a nondestructive relationship exists), are proven best for kids.
If public assistance is required for the third child, the parents should be given a choice between sterilization of both parents or  giving up the child for adoption to responsible adults.


 The judgment I leave to this world;

- Children by their innocence, are more important than God.
- God is sometimes incompetent, since he sometimes lets children suffer.
- You should try your best not to harm, even your enemy's children.



 Many police calls are domestic disturbance related, a significant portion of these are alcohol related. Each container should have a serial number to see where it was bought. When someone buys alcohol they should be required to have an  instant back ground check to see if they have any D.U.I.s, domestic violence, or other related abuses on their records. Anyone buying with past abuse or anyone found buying for past abusers should be fined.

All containers under one liter should be sold in plastic or aluminum containers only. I am tired of my tires running over glass in parking lots.

Counterfeit medicine and products:

 Reputable companies could lower the incidence of inferior counterfeit products by serially controlling and recording sale records all the way to the end user. The customer (end user) could then log on to the company home page and check that the serial number of the product purchased was indeed sold to him, (real name or code name, and address). Also anyone possessing a product serial number not registered to them at the company home page can be charged with possession of illegal products. Quality companies deserve credit. In the case of medicine, many people are suffering due to counterfeit or substandard medicine.

Smoke Alarms:

 The best way to check a smoke alarm is either with an incense stick or cigarette, it usually takes up to two minutes to trigger when still air smoke enters sensor. Test buttons usually check most of the circuit, but NOT the smoke SENSOR element performance. Battery operated alarms are better since they work in power outage and also warn when battery is low. It is a good practice to check alarms every year.
-"8 out of 10 wild fires are set by people."?
 If a land is environmentally protected, arson also makes it easier for land developers?


 WTC type attack prevention:  If everyone traveled naked, we would not have a lethal weapons problem. Terrorists/ bad people  are scared to death of naked women, they make women put on many clothes. Air turbulence would be more interesting to watch. "GOD BLESS BLONDES ." ...